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Our Care Services

Landscape Design

We’ll work with you to create a landscape plan that reflects your personal taste and suits your lifestyle. Our team will then create your ideal landscape using modern tools and machinery and the latest techniques.

Tree and Shrub Care

We make sure your trees and shrubs remain in the peak of health. Our team can perform the following services during weekly lawn-moving visits: Pruning, Trimming, Fertilizer Application, Pest Control


In hydroseeding, a slurry composed of seed and mulch is sprayed over prepared soil. It’s an efficient and effective way to seed lawns. Our team will grade, prep, and loam your property prior to hydroseeding. After your lawn is seeded, have irrigation installed and follow our yearly lawn care program to keep it looking its best.

Paalm Landscape

We can provide your garden with the fast, efficient and professional attention it deserves. Regardless if it is landscaping services or Gardening Services in Dept-ford, lawn mowing, general maintenance, waste disposal, gutter cleaning, fence repairs and installations, etc.

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Hydroseeding & Sodding Lawns

Paalm Landscape

Paalm Landscaping creates beautiful and durable lawns with top-quality hydroseeding and sodding to residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re installing a new lawn to empty soil or replacing an old, existing lawn, hydroseeding and sodding are ways to install a new lawn quickly. Paalm Landscaping will work with you to learn exactly what your lawn needs are and recommend the right lawn installation for you.


A typical in-ground sprinkler system delivers water via a network of underground pipes to all areas of a lawn. It consists of multiple control valves, each of which can either stop or start the flow of water to an area of lawn, or zone. Each zone consists of several sprinkler heads attached to buried pipes by risers (short vertical pipes) that are arranged to provide uniform water coverage to the grass in that area. Systems are divided into zones because household water pressure is capable of supplying only a limited number of sprinklers at one time.

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